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The inspections program has changed slightly as of 2007, and is outlined in RMM 302. Supervisors are expected to inspect their own areas, and the Chair is responsible for ensuring this takes place. The departmental safety committe is also expected to expected to inspect the workplace on a monthly basis, such that the entire workplace is inspected anually.

New standardized inspection forms are linked in the box at the right.

Safety Committee Inspections

As before, Departmental Safety Committees are responsible for conducting inspections of the workplace. A portion of the workplace must be inspected each month, and the entire workplace must be inspected annually.

Supervisor Safety Inspections

Supervisors are now expected to inspect their own work areas, not less than quarterly.

The Chair of the Department is responsible for ensuring that supervisors inspect their areas. The supervisors should use Standard Inspection Checklists put out by EOHSS. Supervisors should keep these checklists for their records.

Inspection checklist

View the Eng Phys / CEDT Workplace Inspection Checklist (Obsolete).

The new, standardized inspection forms approved for use are linked in the box to the right.