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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are documents developed to identify hazards associated with certain types of work. The SOPs also provide instructions for working in such a way that the risk associated with the hazards is minimized or eliminated.

McMaster's Standard Operating Procedure program is outlined in RMM 301.

According to RMM 301, there are four scenarios which require the development of an SOP:

  • If the work poses a risk of critical injury.
  • If the work poses a risk of occupational illness.
  • If the work poses a risk of causing environmental damage.
  • If the work poses a risk of damaging University property.

If any of these scenarios apply, Supervisors are obligated to ensure that an SOP is developed and that Workers work in accordance with the SOP.

SOP Template

The SOP Template is also provided in Word format here.

Name of SOP

Effective Date


Reason for SOP

Check All that Apply:

Frame1Provide Details:

Approved by (supervisor)

Date reviewed by JHSC



<Put any terms here>


RMM – Risk Management Manual

JHSC - Joint Health and Safety Committee

EOHSS - Environmental and Occupational Health Support Services

EPA – Environmental Protection Act

OHSA – Occupational Health and Safety Act

<Add to list here>…


Applicable OHSA regulations and / or codes of practice.

  1. RMM #101 - McMaster University Risk Management System

  2. <Add more here>

Training and Competency

  1. <Add here>

Description of the Task

Location and time of work

Individuals involved

Equipment and supplies required

Personal protective equipment required

Sequential Steps to Complete the Work Safely

<add steps here, could be long…..>

Contingency Plan and Reporting

Accident / injury response

In the Case of Serious/Critical Injuries

Equipment Malfunction

Equipment shutdowns

Environmental Responsibility

Waste disposal procedures

Building air quality


  1. OHSA/ regulations

  2. EPA and Municipal environmental regulations

  3. RMM #100 McMaster University Environmental Health and Safety Policy

  4. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  5. RMM #300 Safety Orientation and Training Program

  6. RMM #301 Standard Operating Procedures

  7. <Add more here>


  1. Faculty of Engineering JHSC (for review)

  2. <Add to list here>

Ref: RMM Program #301 – Standard Operating Procedures