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Dialing 88

In the event of an emergency, dialing 88 on any university phone* will connect to Security Services. Security Services will then immediately dispatch appropriate emergency personnel (security, ambulance, fire, or police) to the location.

* Except in the hospital, where the emergency number is 5555.

What if i dial 911?

No problem. Security Services intercepts 911 calls.

Intercepting 911 calls in this manner makes it easier to guide emergency personnel directly to the location of the emergency.

What if it isn't an emergency?

The 88 emergency number should not be abused. If you need to contact Security Services for a non-emergency related reason, dial extension 24281.

For example, just as you would not dial 911 for something as trivial as locking your keys in your car, it would be inappropriate to dial 88 just because you locked your keys in your campus office or lab. The appropriate, non-emergency extension to call would be 24281, and a security representative would respond to help you back into your work area as soon as they can be available.