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Site-Specific Training

Site-specific training is an integral part of the Engineering Physics and CEDT research. As covered in our Safe Workplace Policy, all persons working with Engineering Physics or CEDT equipment must be trained in the safe operation of the equipment by the supervisor responsible for the equipment.


Site-Specific Documentation

By completing the Eng Phys Hazard Awareness Report, you acknowledge that you've been made aware of the various hazards and SOPs present in your work area.

Posted on the door of every lab there should be a list of hazards present in the facility, as well as contact information for the primary lab users.

For each hazard listed on the door poster, there should be written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) accessible to anyone using the lab. The supervisor of the lab must provide or delegate training so that anyone using the lab is made familiar with the SOPs applicable to their work.

The supervisor is expected to log this site-specific training. For most purposes the Hazard Awareness Report is a sufficient record of site-specific training, but supervisors may add additional log notes to their records.

Who do I see for CEDT equipment training?

The lists below provide the supervisors of specific items of CEDT equipment. Please contact these individuals to arrange training.

If you require training on an item of CEDT equipment that is not listed here, please contact Brad Robinson (CEDT Manager, x24057) to make arrangements.

By location:

Facility Location Equipment Supervisors
CEDT Clean Room JHE A306 All Doris Stevanovic
Zhilin Peng
CEDT Analysis Lab TAB 205 All Graham Pearson
CEDT Growth Lab TAB 110 Analysis
Graham Pearson
Brad Robinson
Jack Wojcik
JHE A314 JHE A314 RTAs
Hall Effect
Doris Stevanovic
Brad Robinson
JHE A302 JHE A302 Fume hood Doris Stevanovic

By instrument:

Instrument Location Supervisors
Metallization (CR)
RIE (III-V materials)
alpha step
wet bench
JHE A306 Doris Stevanovic
Zhilin Peng
RTA JHE A314 Doris Stevanovic
Hall Effect JHE A314 Brad Robinson
X-ray diffraction TAB 110/A/A Graham Pearson
Photoluminescence (PL)
TAB 205
TAB 110
Graham Pearson
FTIR spectroscopy TAB 110 Graham Pearson
Ellipsometry TAB 205 Jack Wojcik
LIV characterization TAB 205 Graham Pearson
RTAs / tube furnaces TAB 205 Graham Pearson
RIE (Si-based materials) TAB 110 Graham Pearson
Dicing saw TAB 205 Graham Pearson
SEM TAB 205 Graham Pearson
Fume hood JHE A302 Doris Stevanovic