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Spring 2015

March 2015


A word from the President

(to see all Jackie's messages, click on the above link)

Jackie's March 18th email to members highlighting our activities in 2014 is available here.

    We are now open!

    It took us a week or so, but MAPS' offices and lounge are now reopened on our summer schedule. You may expect the ambient noise level in the office to be a bit higher as we have an industrial grade dehumidifier running around the clock, but other than its steady hum, everything is pretty much back to normal. Many thanks to the MUSC folks for getting us back up and running!

    New at MAPS


    Board of Directors approves Capital Expenditure Plan

    At its June meeting, the MAPS Board of Directors approved up to $18,000 for improvements to the MAPS offices and lounge.

    The purchases include replacing dated office furniture with more current and ergonomically correct options, and increasing storage capacity for supplies and items on left for pick up from the Campus Store. "These changes are necessary to ensure that our staff are at low risk of injury and that items left in our care are safe and secure", noted Kyle Johansen, Executive Director.

    In addition to the office upgrades, the Association is dedicating the majority of capital spending to helping our members. Among the items approved that will be of benefit to part-time students:

    • Purchase and installation of a limited number of day-use lockers in the Lounge for members.

    • Purchase and installation of a touch screen information board which members (and the university community can use to access information).

    • Installation of a video conference system in our meeting room which can serve as a virtual meeting room for members both on campus and at 1 James North.

    A purchase selection committee which includes Jackie Arlen, Karen Richmond, and Caroline Hill-Smith with work with Kyle to ensure that these investments make sense and support MAPS' Operating Plan.

    Ideal Jar goes on-line!

    Last year, we set up an Ideal Jar in our Office for members to give us their thoughts and opinions on how we could make MAPS better for its members. Over the past several months we have received suggestions like increasing the number of outlets available for charging equipment (done!) to adding plants to the office to improve air quality (working on it).

    These ideas have been great and really helpful, but limited to members who walk into our office and take pen to paper.

    Today that changes.

    Make MAPS better

    If you have an idea that you think would improve MAPS for you and/or your fellow part-time students, you can now submit that idea online.

    Are there any catches? Well, there are a few if you want to be entered into the monthly draw, but if you are just a good samaritan with a cool idea, send it in and we will consider it.

    Each month, we will review all submissions and randomly select one MAPS member to receive a $100 gift certificate at the Campus Store. Your name is only entered once each month regardless of how many ideas you submit; and it doesn't matter if we use your idea or not.

    We will be creating (hopefully by June) a webpage that provides all of the suggestions we have received and our responses to them, along with the monthly draw winners.

    Ready to submit your idea? Click here or go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MAPSbetter


    Search for a new Dean of Social Sciences to commence shortly

    Mac Daily News announced that Dr. Charlotte Yeats will be moving to Guelph University as the new Provost, and McMaster will be striking a search committee to replace her for July 2015.

    Dr Roy Cain has been named acting Dean until a replacement has been confirmed.


    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...

    But in this case, they don't block out the scenery and hopefully don't break your mind.

    On April 10th, the finishing touches to MAPS' entrance face-lift were completed with the addition of our logo on the new glass doors and new signage on the pillar outside of our offices.

    MAPS' old doors

    ``We are thrilled with the results" noted Jackie Arlen, MAPS President. The signage is clear and can be seen at a distance and our logo on the door is perfect".

    The pillar sign also includes the most common questions staff receive regarding the location of offices on the second floor. "We like to be good neighbours", noted Arlen.

    MAPS' new pillar signage, approaching the office from the west and east, respectively

    MAPS replaced its old wooden doors in February; which appeared to be a barrier to people visiting the office. "The glass doors open up the office. We've seen many more students coming in since they were installed," said Malanie Dani, one of MAPS' information assistants.

    The door decals are designed to assist people with low vision to identify the doors, along with high visibility push/pull indicators, while not interfering with the overall effect of full glass doors.

    Door decals and high visibility door push/pull signs.

Just the facts...

How did we do? Check out what 2014 looked like at MAPS:

2014 Annual Report

2014 Audited Financial Statements

Monitoring Committee Report for 2014

Semi-Annual Update on the Operating Plan

MAPS is your Campus Store Pick up location

You can now select the MAPS Office as a Pick Up location for purchases made at the Campus Store.

This allows you to pick up any purchases you've made without having to go to the Campus Store. Just select MAPS as your Pick Up location, and follow the instructions.

If you cannot get to our offices during our summer hours to collect your purchase, please feel free to contact us and we will make reasonable arrangements to be available to collect your purchase.


MAPS 2014-2015 Handbook

The completely re-vamped MAPS Handbook for 2014-2015 is available online or in hard copy at our offices. "... an invaluable reference guide for university and student services, as well as important phone numbers and key dates throughout the school year." - Handbook Editor

2014 MAPS Course Access Report

This report identifies a number of issues that part-time students experience when trying to register for course at McMaster.

How are we doing?

If you want to let us know about the quality of service you received from our office, please go here and complete a brief survey.

You should know...


OSAP has confirmed that the part-time OSAP application for Fall 2015 will not be available until the 3rd week of July.

Tips and Tricks for Mosaic

Since the Student Portal for Mosaic launched in late March, our crack team of info assistants have been working at finding the fastest and best ways to get yourself registered for courses while avoiding some pitfalls that could cause you some grief.

The MAPS Mosaic page is now online and we will be populating it with timely and helpful information so that you can navigate the McMaster's ERP solution.

Academic Accommodation Policy - Have your say

      Are you a current or former part-time student who required an academic accommodation? If yes, please click here.

CCE Student Survey

    Are you a current or former CCE student ? If you are, we want your insights on how to make CCE better!

    For more information, click here.

MAPS is hiring

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Revised Summer Lounge Hours

    Effective July 6th 2015 through August 9th, in response to members' class schedules, the MAPS office and lounge will be open:

    Mon - Thurs: 10:30am - 6:30pm

    Fridays: Closed


    Campus Store Pickup:

    If you have a campus store pick-up being delivered to our offices and cannot get to our offices during our normal office hours, please call us at (905)525-9140 x22021 and we will make arrangements to meet you here when you are free.

    Please note that the office will be closed from August 10th - 21st inclusive.

Make a suggestion!

    Make MAPS better

    Want to see what other people suggested?

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2015 Annual General Referendum Results

Voting ended at 11:59pm on April 20th, 2015 with the only question on the ballot being the appointment of the external auditors. Grant Thornton LLP were appointed by the membership with a turnout of 5.7% of the membership and 91% voting in favour of the appointment.

Thanks to all members who took the time to vote. The official results are published here.

2015-2016 Board Directors and Executive Committee Elected

Full details are available here.

New Director at CCE

On April 9th, McMaster Daily News announced Dr. Lorraine Carter as the new Director for the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE).

Be a part of MAPS!

There are many ways to be involved with MAPS and plenty of good reasons to find time to get involved. Here are a few of them:

Can you spare an hour to help your association?

MAPS needs input from a wide cross-section of our members (you) to determine how best to meet your social needs. We have a very nice lounge area that we would like to see more of our members make use of.

If you can spare an hour of your time over the next several weeks, please let us know at maps@mcmaster.ca or (905) 525-9140 x22021 and we will schedule some time for you to meet with Kyle, our executive director.

MAPS Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Programs links up MAPS members to provide support, guidance and advice from other MAPS members who know how the campus works.

Want to work at MAPS?

MAPS hires 6-10 people each year to be information assistants and coordinators. We are particularly interested in talking to anyone with multi-media production experience.

Want to be a MAPS volunteer?

We now have a one-page questionnaire you can fill out to make that happen fast! We have opportunities for members to serve on committees and we also recommend students to sit on some university committees. The form is here.

9/15 councillors elected to City Council support helping part-time students with transit fares!

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