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Welcome to the Ombuds Office

Co-funded by McMaster University and the McMaster Students Union, the Ombuds Office provides impartial, independent, and informal dispute-resolution advice and assistance to all members of the University community.

The University Ombuds, Carolyn Brendon, works to ensure that all students, staff, and faculty are treated in a fair and equitable manner within the institution. The Ombuds does not advocate for a particular side in a dispute; but rather attempts to reach a fair and just resolution to a conflict. The Ombuds has access to all individuals within the University organization and often assists in resolving disputes between members of the University community by facilitating open and effective communication. Such dialogue frequently leads to mutually satisfactory resolutions.

On occasion, an Ombuds may need to investigate a complaint. Although the office has no power to change a decision or set aside a policy, an Ombuds can make specific recommendations designed to achieve a just, fair and equitable resolution to a conflict. In addition, an Ombuds can where appropriate, make recommendations for changes in university policy and procedures.

The Ombuds Office publishes an annual report that records trends and promotes discussion of institution-wide concerns.

By supporting the Ombuds Office, the University and the McMaster Student Union have demonstrated their commitment to enhancing the everyday quality of life for all those enjoying learning and working at McMaster.


Hours of Operation: The office is normally open Monday - Friday.
Appointments are available by prior arrangement.

Please call Victoria Scott at (905) 525-9140, x24151 or
Drop-in appointments are welcome when we are in the office and not occupied on another matter.


A confidential service designed to assist students, faculty and staff in the just, fair and equitable resolution of university related complaints and concerns.



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