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Engineering Physics and CEDT

Hazard Awareness

As an employee, you have...

  • the right to know
  • the right to participate
  • the right to refuse work

In every workplace there exist hazards that could potentially lead to accidents or injuries. Engineering Physics and the CEDT are no exceptions. However, by identifying hazards, promoting awareness training, and implementing safety measures, the risk that a particular hazard could result in an incident is greatly mitigated.

Specific hazards commonly encountered in Engineering Physics and the CEDT can be loosely lumped into the following categories:

  • chemical
  • ionizing radiation (nuclear)
  • ionizing radiation (electromagnetic)
  • non-ionizing radiation (electromagnetic)
  • laser
  • electrical

The index to the right is a click-able menu of hazard awareness information pertinent to Eng Phys and the CEDT. Each article includes information and explanations about relevant risks, safety legislation, and McMaster programs.