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Employer Responsibilities

As an employee, you have...

  • the right to know
  • the right to participate
  • the right to refuse work

Duties of the Employer are explicitly defined in the OHSA, Sections 25 and 26.

To paraphrase, the employer is required to:

  • acquaint workers and supervisors with any hazard associated with the work or workplace;
  • take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a worker;
  • appoint a competent supervisor;
  • prescribe and provide appropriate safety equipment, materials, and protective devices;
  • ensure that the safety equipment, etc., are maintained in good condition;
  • ensure that prescribed safety measures are implemented and respected;
  • assist the workplace health and safety committee in carrying out their duties;
  • provide appropriate training to employees.

This is an extensive undertaking. Responsibilities are therefore downloaded to supervisors and workers.

*McMaster University's Workplace and Environmental Health and Safety Policy (RMM 100) requires students "to comply with all University health, safety and environmental programs."