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  • Come join us for a free soup lunch

    Our Chaplain Andy invites students to join us for a soup lunch on Wednesday from 12:30 to 2 pm in MUSC 206/207. Come out for a hearty free lunch, to relax, to meet others and to share with us how things are going. This is the last time that we meet for lunch for the semester so if you get a chance to come take it!
  • "Re-energize with a Light hike - A meaningful break with Seth" - All Welcome!

    Last hike of 2016 with our Chaplain Seth! We will meet up at MUSC 230 for 12 pm and discuss when we want to return (its all flexible). Don't forget to bring warm clothing and comfortable shoes. This is an opportunity to relax in nature, share how you are doing, or just enjoy the company.
  • Need to talk?

    Our Chaplains, Andy Crowell and Seth Adema are available to talk to students during this stressful time. This is a non-judgemental, confidential and supportive service where students are welcome to connect directly via email. Talking is good it clears our minds and lifts our spirit --so let's talk.
    Andy can be reached at and Seth at
  • Advent Choral Service

    On Wednesday November 30th from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM, the Advent Choral Service took place and it was a lovely service! It was exciting, energizing, and highly symbolic to have an attendance of over 120 individuals from the community, Andy's church, McMaster students, staff and faculty sharing in a meaningful service. We had a full house filled with beautiful music and a powerful message that Andy delivered through his inauguration reflection during the service. Thank you to the McMaster Divinity College Chapel for the space, to the students in the McMaster University Choir and conductor Rachel Rensik-Hoff for an amazing performance and to all those who attended!

About Us

The Chaplaincy Centre is a place where we aspire to care about you as a "whole person", and to partner with other services on campus to help students, faculty and staff with academic, relational, spiritual and practical concerns. The personal support we seek to offer also can lead to a wide variety of programs ranging from prayer to social justice, social connections, self-care of mind, body and spirit, peace-making to awareness-raising.


Are you looking to share your thoughts with someone who will not judge you, will keep everything confidential, and can provide you with some advice if you want it? Our chaplains are here to meet with you!

"Our core values are inclusive. Our approach is non-judgemental. Our inspiration is YOU!"