Latest News

  • Have a great and safe summer!

    The Chaplaincy Centre will reopen in September 2015 to welcome all our students back for the school year. At this time, programming and services will resume at the regular hours. Our chaplains are available via email or phone.
  • Exam Drop In - April 2015

    We had another fantastic event this semester as students dropped in to grab a cookie and a coffee during their study breaks. Our dedicated volunteers from the community and from our campus community made this event possible.
  • Religious Accomodation

    RISO or the Academic Policy on Religious, Indigenous, and Spiritual Observances is effective in September 2015. Under the leadership of the Interfaith Issues Working Group of the President’s Advisory Committee on Building an Inclusive Community, the policy was developed through extensive consultation. The policy demonstrates McMaster’s commitment to inclusion of students who have conflicts for evaluative exercises and final exams. Rights and responsibilities for both students and faculty are clearly explained in the policy. Students should complete a RISO form (available through the faculty office) at the beginning of the term, or ten days after the final examination schedule is posted.
  • Labyrinth Walks

    Relaxation and finding peace during high demanding times in our academic lives is essential for our health and well-being. Our Ecumenical Chaplain, Carol provided the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to walk the Labyrinth. A Labyrinth is a pattern of circuits and turns that is used in religious and secular settings around the world. A labyrinth has one entrance, leading to the centre, so you cannot get lost. Walking the Labyrinth allows individual's to ground themselves, to relax, to find peace, or to experience "aha" moments.

About Us

The chaplaincy is a place for non-judgmental conversation, discernment and connection with others. We respond to the needs of the whole person and help students in the following areas: academic, faith/spirituality, relational, and with crisis situations.


Are you looking to share your thoughts with someone who will not judge you, will keep everything confidential, and can provide you with some advice if you want it? Our chaplains are here to meet with you! They are not university officials and they are always willing to listen and lend a hand.