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Women in Leadership Women in LeadershipNasrin Rahimieh
McMaster Dean of Humanities

Dr. Nasrin Rahimieh believes the secret to lifelong leadership is having passion for your work. Rahimieh is about investing energy in life and contributing herself to something constructive, which led her to make the career choices she did. After immigrating to Canada, Rahimieh began her career as a professor in Alberta, and found that teaching had a direct impact on her life, and the life of her students. She also took on the associate dean position, working with the department on a different level of challenges, planning, and thinking about the future of Humanities. Currently, as the McMaster Dean of Humanities, Rahimieh is very involved in engaging and changing what is happening around us and within us. Part of leadership is being motivated to want to move and see new things - there’s always more to learn somewhere else. Rahimieh felt she had learned all she could about leadership in AB, and could now integrate that knowledge at McMaster. Some challenges Rahimieh finds in her leadership roles here are managing time – both of the faculty and herself, as well as giving herself time to reflect upon her decisions. Rahimieh finds the rewards of leadership are plentiful, such as seeing her work with a group flourish. Through her role as dean, Rahimieh finds that the key to leadership is immersing oneself in learning – never straying too far from the question of life. Also, a leader has to be a very good listener, with the desire to hear people out and the willingness to participate in a team. When leadership and learning go hand-in-hand, the opportunities are enormous!