On-line Tests or Assignments

On-line Tests or Assignments:

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)– talk to the LTRC (Learning Technologies Resource Centre) if a first-time user using quizzes, whether they count for marks or are for practice.
  • Remember that assignments distributed on-line are the same as paper assignments. It is difficult to determine who actually completes the assignment.
  • On-line testing should be held in a secure, invigilated environment. Contact the LTRC before proceeding with on-line testing.
  • Consider the context and anticipated learning outcomes of the test or assignment. Do you want the assignment to be practice and not for marks? Do you want to attach marks to homework? Consider talking to the CLL (Centre for Leadership in Learning).
  • Do not give copies of tests or answers in advance of the test date, e.g., to TAs or students writing the test in advance.
  • Grades on-line - always keep a hard copy in case of changes.


  • If you detect cheating, pursue a charge. Contact the Office of Academic Integrity for assistance.
  • Determine how the cheating took place and, if possible, refine the assignment to prevent cheating in the future.