Forward with Integrity

McMaster stained glass window

Visit the Forward with Integrity website at http://fwi.mcmaster/ca

In September 2011, McMaster President Patrick Deane published Forward with Integrity: A Letter to the McMaster Community.

President Deane emphasized that McMaster's continuing success will depend on the cultivation and celebration of integrity in all its forms.

His letter reaffirmed McMaster's historic strengths and challenged the McMaster community to find new and innovative ways to approach the University's core mission through excellence in teaching and research.

He urged faculty, staff and students to radically question the University's current practices, to experiment and take responsible risks, to find new ways to collaborate, to incorporate multidisciplinary perspectives and to remove barriers to cooperation.

The letter has reinvigorated activity in four key and interconnected areas: the student experience, research excellence, McMaster's relationship with the surrounding community, and our commitment to internationalization.