McMaster Turnitin Guidelines

McMaster University approves the use of for the following reasons:

  • prevention – if students know their academic work is being checked for plagiarism, they will hopefully use proper citation methods
  • protection of honest students and their work
  • detection – with the type of technology in common use today, it is necessary to use a detection tool which checks academic work against the internet

Guidelines for the use of

  • papers should be submitted to only with the student’s knowledge
  • the instructor should indicate that will be used in the course outline and/or on the assignment details
  • the use of cannot be mandatory*.

* Some students object to the use of because of ownership issues. All work submitted to becomes part of their database and is used to check authenticity of other student’s assignments. Some students object to their work being put in the database and others object to their work being used by

Approved by McMaster University Senate: April 13, 2005