Invigilation Tips

Proper invigilation can be quite effective at preventing cheating. It is important that invigilators know what is expected and what to do if they suspect cheating is happening.

  • Make sure invigilators move around the room throughout the entire test - usually the best place to see cheating behaviour from is the back of the room
  • Invigilators should look for cheat sheets and should check the back of all calculators and any allowed material, etc.
  • Any suspicious behaviour should be documented in detail
  • Students suspected of cheating should not be prevented from finishing the test, but rather should be moved and allowed to finish – an investigation and decision regarding the suspected cheating can happen after the test is complete
  • Confiscate and do not return any cheat sheets or calculators with writing on them since they are important evidence – for a student with writing on his or her person (e.g., hand), copy out what is written before it can be rubbed or washed off
  • For students who ignore time limits, make a note on the test and inform them nothing further will be marked