Reporting an Academic Dishonesty Case

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Faculty/Reporter’s Information
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Course Information
Course Title:
Course Number and Section:
Date of Offence:
Details of Relevant Course Work:
E.g. - an essay worth 30% of course, an exam worth 50%


Student Information
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Offence Information

    Cheating on a test or exam
    Improper collaboration
    Submitting the work of others
    Multiple submissions of the same material
    Falsification of data
    Impersonation of another student
    False medical documents
    Alteration of a grade
    Alteration or fabrication of transcripts or official documents
    Misrepresentation of academic credentials
    Aiding another student to commit academic dishonesty
    Mishandling of academic materials (e.g. preventing other students from completing academic tasks, selling or distributing tests, etc.)


Provide a brief description of the offence (facts leading you to be suspicious, steps you took to investigate, student’s explanation, etc.).  Please send the originals of all related papers to the Office of Academic Integrity – MUSC 211.

Questions? Please contact the Office of Academic Integrity x24303