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Title: Analysis of mortality Perinatal II 1990-1997.
r correlation between weeks of amenorrhoea and weight of newborn.

Pizarro , A: Department of Pathology. Hospital General SSA
Díaz, R: Department of Pathology. Hospital General SSA

Contact Person: Alberto G Pizarro (rediegal@homonet.com.mx)

Materials & Methods

A retrospective clinical study of all the II perinatal deaths from Hospital General SSA de Tepic Nayarit, Mexico ocurring from January 1990 to December of 1997. All the deaths of 1990 to 1997 were registered in specific questionnaires of mortality. Our alone study were included all the cases with clinical complete registrations and certificate of death. We attempted to arrive at an apparent cause for each death after evaluation obstetric history, maternal medical illnesses, laboratory tests, autopsy findings, and placental pathologic findings. A stillbirth was defined by an estimated gestational age >20 weeks' gestational age or fetal weight >500 gm. (e)(h)

Epidemiology department of my institution during the years 1990 to 1997 was undertaken to study the relationship between birthweight and amenorrhoea.

Patients were stratified as fetal o neonatal deaths.Information was obtained by review of medical records.(b) Univariate analyses of potential risk factors, only six factors remained significantly associated with II perinatal deaths.

The causes of fetal deaths were analysed on the basis of maternal complications and pathologic findings.

The deaths selectionated was captured the following variables: [Number(n)]

A) Mother

1.- weeks´gestational age or amenorrhoea (n).

2.- Maternal age. (n)

3. Paridity (n).

4.- Low maternal education. (< six years)

5.- prenatal care consultation (n). ( < 5 )

6.- Route of delivery. ( vaginal, cesarean, prematurely ruptured membranes,distocia)

7.- Maternal disease associates: pregnancy loss, toxemia, hypertension, diabetes, anemia, hyperemesis, ectopic pregnancy, infection.

B.- Newborn

8. birth Weigh (n) (Kg.)

9.- Fetal or neonatal death. (F or N)

10. Sex. (F or M)

11. Lenght of stay in hospital. (n)

12.- Primary cause of death. (Diagnosis or undiagnosis)

13.- secondary Diagnosis.

14.- professional Risk. (yes or not)

C.- Pathology:

14. Placenta pathology: abruptio placentae, infarcts, toxemia, placenta previa.

15. Cord pathology: umbilical knots, loops, torsion and constriction, umbilical prolapse and velamentous insertion.

16. Congenital anomalies.

The data were captured 97 in software of Microsoft Access and Excel 97. The statistical analysis corresponded descriptive statisticses (avaluating chi square and Student t test) of all the variables and to the r correlation and lineal regression of amenorrhoea and weightbirth.


The r correlation coefficient between amenorrhoea and weight in fetuses and neonatos of the II perinatal mortality is strong and positive.

ro: r1-r2= 0

r1: r1-r2= <> 0 alpha: 0.05

coefficient of confiance : 95%

Study: bivariable.

Statistical study: r correlation and lineal regression.

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