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Windows 3.1/95/98/NT Users
When you search for a term or phrase, a separate page will be returned with a listing of all the presentations, posters and subpages in the INABIS '98 web site that match your criteria. In order to save your results so that you can get to them from the navigation bars at the top of each presentation and poster (the entry called "Personal Itinerary"), follow the next few steps.
  1. Perform your search, and when the page appears with your list of pages that matches your search, click on File with your mouse.
  2. Select Save as... from the menu that appears. A small box will appear, listing locations for you to save your file. Select the C: drive.
  3. In the File Name box, type inabis98.htm and then click Ok.
  4. All finished! You can now call up this page anytime you click on "Personal Itinerary" from the navigation bar in any poster.

If you want to replace your Personal Itinerary with a new page listing a new search, just follow the same steps, and the file will be overwritten with your new search page.  

Macintosh or Unix Users
Unfortunately, you cannot save and access the search page that is returned in this manner. However, most browsers give you the option to save the search as a bookmark so that you can return to the listing again.

To search the INABIS98 site, enter keywords and phrases, separated by commas (eg. oncology, toxicology).

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Last Updated on December 6, 1998
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