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Title: Analysis of Perinatal II mortality 1990-1997.
r correlation between weeks of amenorrhoea and weight of newborn.

Pizarro , A: Department of Pathology. Hospital General SSA
Díaz, R: Department of Pathology. Hospital General SSA

Contact Person: Alberto G Pizarro (rediegal@homonet.com.mx)


Type of Study: Observational, descriptive, retrospective, type series of cases.
Methods: We analyzed questionnaires and certificates of death of mortality perinatal 2 of 1990-97 of the Hospital General SSA, Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico.
Our variables of study were:
A.- Mother: 1. Age 2. Number of Gestation 3. civil State 4. Number of prenatal care consultation 5. Number of weeks of amenorrhoea
B.- Fetus or newBorn : 1. Weight kilograms 2. Termination of the childbirth 3. Number of days of hospital stay 4. main and secondary Diagnosis.
C.- Type of Death: 1. Fetal or neonatal 2. Foregone 3. professional Responsibility
The captured data were analyzed for descriptive statisticses in variable scalars and r correlation between weeks of amenorrhoea and weight of the fetus or newborn.
Results: We analized 493 cases of 950 deaths in eight years of study.
248 was from fetal mortality and 245 was neonatales. There were not clinical and statistical differences with six variables of study.
The r correlation was from 0.79 and the r2 was 0.64.
Discussion: La correlación r between the amenorrhoea y weight of newborn was 0.79. Although II perinatal mortality was studied this it is strong and positive.
Poster Number SApizarro 0123
Keywords: mortality, perinatal II, correlation, series of cases

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