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Title: Analysis of mortality Perinatal II 1990-1997.
r correlation between weeks of amenorrhoea and weight of newborn.

Pizarro , A: Department of Pathology. Hospital General SSA
Díaz, R: Department of Pathology. Hospital General SSA

Contact Person: Alberto G Pizarro (rediegal@homonet.com.mx)


In the eight years of study we identified 493 cases in our sample. The stillbirth were 248 and 245 to neonatal deaths. The male sex were 282 and 211 to the female. In 24 846 deliveries in 1990-97 were 950 cases of II perinatal deaths. Our prevalence of mortality were 3.8 %.

The descriptive statisticses of the variable of amenorrhoea were means of 33.47 Ds + - 5.7 weeks, typical error 0.25 range 20-44. Pregnancy < 36 weeks were 274 cases 56 %.The weight were of 2.127 Kg. Ds + - 1.15 kg. Typical error 0.05 range 0.33 - 6.28 Kg. in all the studied cases.

The coefficient of r correlation between these two variables was from 0.79 r critique coefficient is 0.16 with alpha 0.05. One coefficient r2 was from 0.64 p: < 0.01. figure No 1 it is shown the graphs of r correlation and regression.

The means of age was from 24.45 years with range of 13-49 years. The average of number of gestation was 2.3 with range of 1-12. The < five prenatal care consultations were 410 cases (83.16 %) p: < 0.01 and it means of number of prenatal consultation was from 1.47.

The variables mother age, sex, gravidity, education, fetal and neonatal deaths, termination of pregnancy, professional risk and prematurez < 36 weeks of pregnancy didn't show clinical and statistical significants differences.

From the public health perspective, the most important factors amenable to intervention were inadequate prenatal care and antenatal or intrapartum complications which were associated with substantial attributable risks (83.16%, 35.2%, and 10.2%), respectively.

The pathologic examination showed umbilical cord torsion and an organized thrombus at the site of the torsion. This findings 28 cases that both the fetal death and the 8 cases of placental insufficiency were the results of the cord torsion.

Primary pathologic diagnoses were showed in figure 2. We identified 54 several illnesses that to the being contained in diverses groups reported what it are observed in different figures. figure 3, figure 4, figure 5

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