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The Effects of ArginMax, A Natural Dietary Supplement for Enhancement of Male Sexual Function

Contact Person: Thomas Ito, MD (tomito@pixi.net)

Discussion and Conclusion


The role of natural dietary supplements for sexual health is an infrequently discussed yet extremely important subject. Our pilot study preliminarily addressed the role of a combinatorial natural product for the enhancement of male sexual health. The proposed mechanism by which ArginMax improves sexual health and erectile function is through increasing smooth muscle relaxation, enhancing vascular dilatation, and improving peripheral circulation. Based on review of the literature pertaining to the ingredients in ArginMax, it is likely that ArginMax enhances the NO-cGMP pathway by providing additional substrate for NOS, up regulating NOS activity, and decreasing the cell-mediated breakdown of cGMP. On a vascular level, ArginMax likely facilitates erectile function by increasing blood vessel dilatation and microvascular circulation.

It is important to recognize that this pilot study is a part of a larger scale ongoing clinical evaluation of the health effects of ArginMax. Although designed as an open-label, pilot study, the results of the SFQ survey demonstrate significantly greater improvements in variables relating to erectile function than in non-erectile function related variables. It is reasonable to conclude that if only a placebo effect was noted, all variables would be impacted in a similar fashion. The presence of major variations among the variables leads us to believe that there is a physiological effect at play. Our pilot study indicates that an expansion of our current study to a larger population with a placebo-controlled protocol is the logical next step in exploring the sexual function benefits of ArginMax.

It is important to recognize that as Americans develop an ever increasing interest in dietary supplementation and the concept of wellness, that the role of a supplement for one of the most important biological functions of life, sexual health, be clinically evaluated. After all, if we take a calcium supplement for our bones, and an aspirin for our blood, why not consider tak ing a supplement for our sexual health?


In a pilot clinical study of ArginMax (The Daily Wellness Company, Mt. View, CA), a natural daily dietary supplement developed to support male sexual fitness, significant improvements were noted in male sexual function after 21 subjects, ages 40-77, with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, completed a 4 week regimen of ArginMax. 88.9% of the subjects experienced improvement in ability to maintain an erection during intercourse. 75.0% of the subjects experienced improvement in satisfaction with their overall sex life. There were no significant reports of side effects (headaches, nausea, stomach upset, chest pain, dizziness, vision disturbance, changes in BP). Based on the findings of this study, there appears to be strong indication that natural dietary supplementation (ArginMax) may play an important role in sexual health and erectile function.

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Ito, T.; Kawahara, K.; Das, A.; Strudwick, W.; (1998). The Effects of ArginMax, A Natural Dietary Supplement for Enhancement of Male Sexual Function. Presented at INABIS '98 - 5th Internet World Congress on Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University, Canada, Dec 7-16th. Available at URL http://www.mcmaster.ca/inabis98/
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