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Authors retain the Copyright on abstract and presentation, and no one is permitted to copy or download this material without the authors permission.

To read more about copyright, see "10 Big Myths about copyright explained" by Brad Templeton at http://www.clari.net/brad/copymyths.html and follow links therefrom.

Is a presentation at INABIS '98 a publication or a presentation at a meeting?
A Virtual Meeting such as ours is a relatively new endeavour, so the precise answer (if there ever will be "the" answer) is not available. The following is an opinion given to us by an official from the US Copyright Office.
If a presentation stays on the Internet for a limited period of time and downloading is not permitted, then one can argue that this is a presentation at a conference. If the presentation remains on the Internet for an unlimited period and is freely available, then it is difficult to argue that it is not a publication.
When submitting an abstract, authors can declare that their presentation should be removed from the Congress web site after the meeting and from the CD-ROM proceedings. Abstracts will be included in the CD-ROM proceedings and will remain on the Congress site; they can be cited.

For further information or comments, please contact:
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