Invited Symposium: Integrated Telematic Services and Communication Through Scientific IRC: Virtual User Communities of Biomedicine in UNInet


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Pharmacy and Internet: Current Advances.

Contact Person: Cristina J Buil (cristinajimenez@bootshealthcare.es)


The importance of Internet as a communication medium in biomedical sciences is a fact due to the amount of information it distributes. The appearance of virtual user communities (CMV) focuses to information classification within current issues of interest for certain groups of people in order to facilitate its search and use.

The UniNet project of Integrated Telematic Services for CMV through other subprojects tries the creation of CMV by mean of integration of various computer machines and Internet resources, as a distribution mailing list, web pages, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), etc.

The IRC is presented as an important scientific tool to the known as a professional real time comunication by Internet among people interested in biomedical sciences.

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Pharmacy and Internet: Current Advances

Within Internet there is information and communication. The interpersonal communication is moved from several ways and with differents velocity. Mode on deffering is: web pages, mailing list, personal e-mail, etc.

So we have to think that the comunication in real time exist and it is the fastest, Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Videoconference, phonoconference are still on building.

IRC is a very useful tool of interpersonal communication, is very fast and effective. It allows talking with one or more people at the same time and in real time through textual format. Also we can interchange text files, images and sounds inmediately, thereby it gives a sensation of physical proximity. In this way we can speak with people at the same time and in different channels.

The idea is to use this wonderful tool in the Health profesional communities.

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Role of IRC in Health Sciences

In Spain UniNet was created as a network based on universities and compatible servers, wich include internet relay chat channels (IRC) on thematic characteristics and scientific content.

UniNet is originated on an altruistic idea, born in the academic sphere, supported by different university institutions and made by means of many people's volunteer work. The contributions are improving to maintain, to growth and diffusion. These contibutions include suggestions, maintenance or creation of new channels, addition of channels, or other kinds of contributions.

UniNet is working continuosly to all the people interested in bioscienctific, cultural and humanistic activities, or Which are based on educational, student views, medical/technical assistance, investigative type etc.

It does not exist any linguistic, racial, ethnic, ideological, cultural or other kind of discrimination.

There are in this moment lot of channels about biosciences as pharmacy channel and biomedicine channel.

Biomedicine channel is the first channel created and the pioneerring for the rest of them.

Till now as much the physicians as pharmaceutics people were updated on the health news through the Bibliography, so it was a good way but sometimes very slow.

Certainly Internet has maked easy the interchange of communications among health professionals, not only the information into web pages and navigators, especially the Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

IRC offers infinites posibilities as interchange of opinions with people from differents and remotes countries, that in other way it would be more difficult, by mail is lower, by phone more expensive. IRC allows to knowing Sanitary Programs from other countries, how is working Health Service and novelties as much about research as about new drugs and overall it makes possible for talk with another foreing counterparts.

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IRC has a lot of aplications. For instance UniNet has a Scientific-IRC service by a net of university servers as a physic support with channels to relay chat of thematic charcter for each users groups. Within UniNet is doing trainig courses, I am going to explain the courses that we will able to give and as Inovative Pharmaceutical Company. Boots Healthcare Spain has sponsored this year from May to July a course Entitled: "Metodology in research with drugs". It was be done in colaboration with, European Agency for evaluation of Medicinal Products (E.M.E.A), University of Minnesota, Spanish Ministry of Health. http://bio.hgy.es/ec . Boots Healthcare (BH) collaborates with UniNet due to BH is very interested in biomedical research and all the thinks in relation with Healthcare Sciences.

Boots thinks is very important to give facilities to improve and support the new ways of of communication.

Boots healhcare Spain has a center of information by Internet To profesionals of health and user as well is "El Centro Nurofen del Dolor" http:///www.centronurofen.com Boots Healthcare is working about analgesis products (Boots Companny sintetized IBUPROFEN and this substance was introduced in Clinical practice in 1969).

We would like propose following Courses:
Within pharmacy channel and biomedicine chanel :
Pharmacoeconomy, Pharmacovigilance, Responsible Self-medication, OTC products, Trainning courses to pharmacyst and physicians, Any kind of pain (cephalea, backpain, migrain, dismenorrhea etc.) NAIDs Toxicity, Sponsorizing any kind of courses it depends on UniNet approval or users from UniNet need at any time.

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Conclusion and Bibliography

Internet is a very important tool on biomedical sciences fields. UniNet by IRC Channel pharmacy and biomedical are a quite good way of meeting with other collegues and overall very fast. We can work hand by hand with people from a lot of countries and cultures. BIBLIOGRAPHY:

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Buil, JC; Garcia Fores, J; Garcia Solans, JR; Sanz Hernandez, S; Campos Martinez, J; (1998). Pharmacy and Internet: Current Advances.. Presented at INABIS '98 - 5th Internet World Congress on Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University, Canada, Dec 7-16th. Invited Symposium. Available at URL http://www.mcmaster.ca/inabis98/coma/buil0454/index.html
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