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Insulinoma of Pancreas. Report one case Analysis clinical and ultrastructural.

Pizarro, A (Department of Pathology, Nayarit Autonomous University, Mexico)
Díaz, R (Department of Pathology, Nayarit Autonomous University, Mexico)

Contact Person: Alberto G Pizarro (rediegal@homonet.com.mx)


The hospital: Medical Center La Raza. IMSS. Mexico D.F. Clinic history: Woman of 24 years with evolution of 1 year with hipoglucemias in fasting of 20-30 mg in 4 occasions. Accompanied of cephalea, diaforesis, diffuse muscular quake, changes in the personality and occasional faint. Pathology: Macro :Tumor of 1.5 cm in head of páncreas surrounded of fibrous capsule. Soft mucous freckle necrosis. Fig1 Micro: Cells in uniform clusters of the type epitelial. The fibrosis and hialinosis in bands. None hay atipias malignant. Fig2 Ultrastructure: Cell of the type Apud with abundant granules neurosecretorios of the type Beta of the pancreas. Fig3 Diagnostic: Benign Insulinoma of the pancreas. (The adenoma) Discussion: The insulinoma or of adenoma of the pancreas and a neoplasia benign producing of insulina in large quantities, that provokes hipoglucemias severe in you fast that they can be fatal. its frequency and of less than 1% of the population. 3 imagens

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Poster Number PApizarro0149
Keywords: Insulinoma, adenoma, ultrastructure, TEM, tumours

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Pizarro, A; Díaz, R; (1998). Insulinoma of Pancreas. Report one case Analysis clinical and ultrastructural.. Presented at INABIS '98 - 5th Internet World Congress on Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University, Canada, Dec 7-16th. Available at URL http://www.mcmaster.ca/inabis98/cancer/pizarro0149/index.html
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