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  1. Results


This project is finishing. All the research spent one year. The establishment of system scope and information collect spent six months. The questionnaire application to determine the knowledge degree of officials and volunteers occurred in three cities: Florianópolis, Itajaí and Tijucas. The selection of these cities has a comparative effect, because their APAEís have different characteristics and different realities.


Based on the results obtained in this survey, it is possible to conclude that volunteers and officials present a reasonable theoretical knowledge and a poor practical knowledge, in other words, they only know the cases that appeared on their city or region. New cases, different from these, give a great difficulty in the decision making related to how to attend a bearer child. Then, the officials and volunteers change their position of take care and attend bearer children and go to research in order to find information about the cases.


Besides, many interviewed donít know how to deal with computer.


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