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Anita Maria da Rocha Fernandes, Msc
Giovani Cássia Silva
University of Itajai Valley - UNIVALI
Science Computer Department
Rogério Cid Bastos, Dr Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC
Science Computer and Statistic Department - Laboratory of Applied Statistic



This paper presents the development of a "Multimedia System to Explain Down's Syndrome". The motivation to develop this project comes from the necessity of training, in the best way as possible, the officials and volunteers that work at the Special's Parents and Friends Associations (APAE's) in order to obtain the best results in the attendance of Down's Syndrome bearer children. The system will present to the user basic theoretical concepts about the syndrome; two database: (i) a database with a variety of attendance in order to show to the users different diagnoses, predictions and attendance; (ii) a database with information about Brazilian Legislation concerned to Down's Syndrome bearers.


Key words: Down's Syndrome, Multimedia, Multimedia Systems.


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