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Orthogate - The Rationale For An Internet Gateway Site In Orthopaedics

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Materials & Methods

The Orthogate foundation meeting in New Orleans March 1998 was attended by over 100 people and it was agreed that the Internet Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma (ISOST) 8 ( http://www.isost.org/ ) should be founded to provide governance of the site. ISOST has since been established with by-laws largely based on the Society for the Internet in Medicine. The site itself was formed by the amalgamation of most of the major independent sites managed by orthopaedic surgeons.

Table 1 Orthogate Foundation Sites

Site Name & ref # Description
Belgian Orthoweb 9 Belgium. Host site for Belgian Orthopaedic Societies and Acta Orthopaedica Belgica, developer of major international databases including OWL, Orthopaedic White Pages and Orthopaedic Meetings Review of this site
Bone Home 10 USA. Collection of cases from the mailing lists, illustrations, protocols and software relating to Orthopaedics
Hand World 11 USA. Collection of cases, illustrations and links relating to hand surgery. Review of this site
Electronic Journal of Orthopaedics 12 USA. Peer reviewed publication of original research work in Orthopaedics.
IndiaOrth 13 India. Host site for Orthopaedics in India Review of this site
Medical Multimedia Group 14 USA. Collection of Patient Information pages on more than 40 conditions Review of this site
OrthoGuide 15 USA. Orthopaedic surgery search engine and Medline search restricted to orthopaedic journals
Orthopaedic Acronym Finder 20 Germany. Expanding collection of acronyms used in orthopaedics and on the internet.
Orthopaedic Links Page (OWL) 16 Canada. Collection of orthopaedic links and internet addresses organised into 20 different pages Review of this site
Orthopedic Surgery Residency Ring 74 USA Linkage arrangement between university orthopaedic department pages in the USA
Orthopod Mailing List 4 UK. Home page of the mailing list including membership list and archives. Subsiduary email lists are Arthoplasty 21, Hand 22, Limb Reconstruction 23, Spine 24 and Sports Medicine 25 Review of this site
OrthoSearch 17 Australia Java based search engine of orthopaedic sites.
Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics 18 USA 200+ megabyte site with notes and descriptions of orthopaedic conditions and treatment. Extensively cross referenced, illustrated and with abstracts of the original papers. Review of this site
World Ortho 19 Australia. Enormous site with teaching material at all levels, includes textbooks, history, illustrations and a quiz.

Thus the gateway is being formed by the agglomeration of the best sites in the subject and the agreement of the web managers to work together. We fully anticipate that other fine orthopaedic web sites will be founded and will amalgamate with Orthogate. Since the foundation meeting the work of building the site has continued through a variety of open and closed mailing lists, webmeetings and a few face to face meetings. In addition to the core structures, links collection, textbook, mailing list, patient information set and electronic journal, the site has developed a variety of dedicated search engines, has defined its quality criteria and put together an international panel of editors. A review of Wheeless' Textbook 26 is the first order of business for the editorial board.

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