On June 23, 2005, the McMaster Collaborations for Health initiative held a Retreat. Participants included faculty members who had responded to a Call for Ideas for enhancing collaborative health-related interdisciplinary research and education at McMaster University.

The goal of the Retreat was to develop a shared understanding of the initiative and to assess support for a proposed organizational framework which had emerged from a review of the submitted proposals.

Click here for Retreat Agenda.

The presence of approximately 100 participants from diverse disciplines across the University was a testament to the significant interest that exists at McMaster for exploring and harnessing collaborative relationships in health.

What did the Retreat accomplish?

  • Awareness was increased and links were developed between faculty members of diverse disciplines across campus who share common interests;
  • An operational plan for Collaborations for Health was clarified including strategies to create opportunities to network, hone skills, take risks, stimulate, engage, facilitate, co-ordinate, underwrite, and lobby;
  • Participants identified challenges and offered solutions in support of the initiative (“necessary conditions”);

The Retreat was a critical stepping stone to the operational phase of the initiative. Collaborations for Health will ultimately reflect the full scope of interdisciplinary health-related research and education at the University. Beyond cataloguing existing and emerging activities, it will encourage and facilitate faculty and students to break new ground in educational and research collaborations that will distinguish and differentiate McMaster University in the area of health. For more details about the Retreat, click here to view the CfH Progress Report.

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