Health and the Environment

Welcome to the Health and the Environment theme webpages on the Collaborations for Health site. This site is intended to facilitate discussions and foster collaborations among McMaster faculty who engage in health and environment related research and teaching.

Generally, we define this theme as research, education, or services that further our understanding of the interactions and consequences of the links between the environment (physical, chemical, radiation, and infectious agents) and human health.

We encourage you to visit often, as we will be updating the content regularly, and to let us know how we can help you in your research and education activities. You can find background on the development of the Health and Environment theme, as well as meeting summaries, education and research opportunities and links to related websites.

We look forward to sharing with you the progress and results of this exciting initiative.

Who We Are: Theme Leaders

Warren Foster

Warren Foster is the director of the Centre for Reproductive Care and a professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

His research focuses on defining the mechanisms of environmental toxicant and dietary chemical effects on reproductive endocrine physiology

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Bruce Newbold

Bruce Newbold is a professor in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences, and Director of the McMaster Institute for Environment & Health.

His research interests include aging and health, immigrant health and environmental impacts on health.

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News and Events

In Spring 2007, Collaborations for Heatlh issued a Call for Proposals for seed funding for reseach grants. For a list of successful projects, click here .

Events Archive

Upwind Downwind Conference: Climate Change & Healthy Cities
February 2007, Hamilton Convention Centre
For more information, click here.

An international workshop entitled Improving Global Health for Safe Water was held at McMaster University June 9–11. For details, click here.


Health and Environment emerged as a major theme at the Collaborations for Health Retreat held in June 2005. For details on how the theme has developed, click here.