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Knowledge Exchange and Transfer (KET) in Rehabilitation Course
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Knowledge Exchange and Translation (KET) is one of the core competencies identified in the CIHR Strategic Training Program in Rehabilitation Science. To that end, the School of Rehabilitation Science is offering a new graduate course on Knowledge Exchange and Translation.


The course’s goals:

  • Give students a theoretical foundation to KT practices
  • Equip students with the tools to design and critically appraise KT research
  • Make students aware of the role and importance of KTE challenges in research

Students will be able to:

  • Explain conceptual frameworks which make up the foundation of KT
  • Identify barriers to KET research
  • Describe issues in the development, implementation and evaluation of the impact of KET interventions.
  • Interpret and critically appraise KET research


  • Module based seminars examine KET interventions for different target audiences
  • Faculty with research experience in these areas will facilitate discussion for each module
  • Opportunity for an in-depth KET project to either prepare a proposal to evaluate KET research, or conduct new KET research
  • No other course like it exists at McMaster

Knowledge Translation at McMaster
Education is one of the ways that McMaster is developing its KT capacity. The School of Rehabilitation Science’s new KET course will give students a background in KT activities, and promote a strong knowledge translation environment. Education initiatives such as these are critical to developing the discipline, as well as enhancing the depth of KT thought at McMaster.

Contact Information:
Joy MacDermid<macderj@mcmaster.ca>