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The delivery of health services is becoming increasingly complex. The impact of information technologies in all aspects of society is increasing. Knowledge of the interplay between IT and health is increasingly necessary for the organization, management, and delivery of health services through technology. Commercial entities, public and private services with an interest in health services delivery have a need for individuals trained across multiple disciplines. There is a need for human resources trained in IT, and its application for health sciences.

The MSc eHealth program is a one of a kind program in Canada.

It focuses on:

  • Bridging the faculties of Business, Engineering and Health Sciences to equip a student with an integrated skill set.
  • Preparing the student to pursue research or a career in managing, developing or implementing information technology in health services.

Program features:

  • A multidisciplinary approach which sets the program apart from others.
  • Develops the multifaceted understanding that a graduate must have (technical, managerial, clinical) in order to confront the challenges presented by modern health services.
  • The graduate will be highly knowledgeable and employable in the application of technology and information systems to the delivery of health services.

Students will gain knowledge about:

  • Clinical applications
  • Electronic health services management and administration in healthcare institutions and in the community
  • Integrated services and systems that deliver health services
  • Research and development in advanced applications.

Knowledge Translation at McMaster
McMaster’s commitment to enhancing its KT capacity is embodied in its support of research, service, and education programs. Education is critical to training new KT informed scientists and leaders. McMaster has a critical mass of KT researchers and practitioners, and so is well equipped to build McMaster’s KT foundation by training a future generation of KT informed students.

The eHealth program trains students to be sensitive to the knowledge overlaps in the field of health services delivery. The eHealth program falls under the purview of knowledge translation because it teaches students to understand and manage the flow of health information, in this case, via technology.

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