Inquiry 2HS3 - Controversies in Health

A New Interdisciplinary/Cross-Faculty Course

This new course was launched in Fall 2007. The objectives of this course were twofold:

(a) To expose first and second year undergraduate students to significant areas of health-related research that meshed with the overall themes of the Collaborations for Health initiative.

(b) To help students recognize that different viewpoints can co-exist in a pluralist society and that as a citizen you should assess information critically.

The course was structurd around 3 debates, each one dealing with a particular thematic area of the Collaborations for Health initiative. The debates focused on 3 topics:


Media relations


The students were drawn from multiple Faculties: Science, Business, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The students were divided into groups with preceptors also drawn from multiple Faculties: Engineering, Social Sciences, Business and Health Sciences.

The design of the course fostered cross-disciplinary collaboration and fostered interactions between first and second year students and senior faculty.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. PK Ranagachari, Professor Emeritus
Department of Medicine
Phone: (905) 525-9140 x22526