To continue towards increasing the percentage of diverted waste on campus, McMaster University has developed a waste reduction plan and a new waste labeling criteria aimed at enhancing waste diversion and reducing cross-contamination between different types of recycled waste. The outcome of the new bin-labeling system is currently being evaluated by Facility Services and necessary changes will be made to continue to further enhance the diversion rate at McMaster.

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April 21, 2017

News and Events

New! Cigarette Butts Recycling

Due to the recent increase in cigarette butts, McMaster Facility Services has launched a new initiative by placing Recyclable Cigarette Ash Trays . These Recyclable Cigarette Ash Trays are located at the entrance of Gilmore Hall and University Hall.

Changes to Waste & Recycling Bins

Click here to view the new and improved recycling poster! We have now moved to a program where recyclables will be commingled and later sorted and separated. This will help to reduce the amount of contamination from improper placement of waste. The current bin stickers will be replaced throughout the summer.

Waste Reduction Plan

Check out McMaster University's Waste Reduction Work Plan implemented to help reduce our waste and improve our Diversion Rate. The Diversion Rate is the amount of waste that is diverted from the landfill by recycling/composting compared to the amount of waste that reached the landfill.

Office Green Bins

Championing organics waste disposal in an office area is a great way to promote sustainability and engage students and staff in an initiative to decrease waste production. Click here to find out how to get started.

Waste Free Events Guide

With tips ranging from promotion to catering, this guide provides event organisers the how-tos in hosting a sustainable event.

Waste and Recycling in the City of Hamilton

Learn more about waste managemnt in the City of Hamilton by watching an informative video created by the Off-Campus Resources Centre.

Water Fountain Retrofits

One water fountain in each academic and administrative building on campus has been retrofitted to include a bubbler for drinking, goose-neck spout for refilling and a chiller to provide cool water. Remember, 'tis better to refill than to landfill...