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A subject, title and name guide to over 4,300 of Russell's publications is in K. Blackwell and H. Ruja, A Bibliography of Bertrand Russell, 3 vols. (London and New York: Routledge, 1994). The Russell Archives have copies of all of Russell's publications as well as most secondary materials. An electronically available text by Russell is his last manuscript essay, "1967". A hypertextual edition of "The Bomb and Civilization" may be viewed. The complete text of Prevent the Crime of Silence is on the Web. Links to many other writings by (and about) Russell on the Web are at the site of the Bertrand Russell Society and the Wikipedia entry on Russell.

Electronic versions of many books by Russell are available. Books by him that may be read on the Web are:

An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry (1897; searchable image)
The Principles of Mathematics (1903; e-text, part only)
Principia Mathematica (3 vols., with A.N. Whitehead; 1st edn. only)

The Problems of Philosophy (1912)
Political Ideals (1917)
Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
(1919) with a wide choice of formats

Proposed Roads to Freedom (1919; 1st edn.,1918) (copy at McMaster)
The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism (1920)
The Analysis of Mind (1921)
The Problem of China (1922)
Icarus, or the Future of Science (1924)
Bertrand Russell's Best (1958; R.E. Egner, ed.)
Also A Bibliography of Bertrand Russell in the McMaster Library

Many of Russell's books may be searched on Google Books, Amazon, Open Library and Questia. Indeed, Volumes 1, 2, 4, 6-15 and 28 (as 19 and 23!) of the Collected Papers are searchable on the first (along with the Bibliography), and Vol. 8 is searchable on the second. The Internet Archive has downloadable texts.

The chief publisher of Bertrand Russell's works today is Routledge, with offices in London and New York. Routledge's website allows searches on its stocklist. Here is a link to search for its publications by Russell. Many other titles are being kept in print by Spokesman Books, the publishing wing of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. W.W. Norton and Co. still publish The Principles of Mathematics. A comprehensive source for Russell books in some major library systems and in virtual bookstores is Malaspina Great Books. Cassettes of many speeches and interviews by Bertrand Russell can be purchased from Pacifica Radio Archives.

Nicholas Griffin is the author of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy articles on Russell and his neutral monism. The free online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has a lengthy and pertinent entry on Bertrand Russell, and others on Russell's Paradox and Principia Mathematica, by Andrew Irvine. The main entry on Russell has a chronology of Russell's life and sections on his logical, philosophical and social influence. Considerable bibliographical assistance is also provided, including a list of Russell's main published works, and sound clips are available. Bernard Linsky has provided an entry on the notation in PM. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy has Rosalind Carey on Russell: Metaphysics and Kevin Klement on Russell's Paradox and the Russell-Myhill Paradox.

Quotations from, or allegedly from, Russell's writings may be found on many websites. Usually they are unreferenced. These referenced quotations were suggested by subscribers to the now suspended Russell-L. The most recent of several books of Russell quotations is The Quotable Bertrand Russell, edited by Lee Eisler (Buffalo: Prometheus, 1993).



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