Undergraduate Student Forms

Note: For information and assistance relating to completion and submission of these forms, please refer to the Guidelines & Researcher's Handbook, the Checklists, Instructions and Templates and the On-Line Tutorial. The Ethics Secretariat is also available to answer questions and to provide personal assistance at (905) 525-9140 ext. 23142 or at ethicsoffice@mcmaster.ca

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Please submit all applications to the SREC secretary, Michael J. Wilson ethicsoffice@mcmaster.ca GH-305/H, ext. 23142, FAX: 905-540-8019. Applications will then be sent to the appropriate committee for review.

Quick Guide to the Ethics Application Submission Process

Individual Application Ethics Application Form.doc NEW icon The McMaster Research Ethics Board has revised the application form. It is now a combined faculty/graduate/undergraduate and staff form. Revision date is Dec. 10, 2010.

Sample Material - Please check the link to Samples and Checklists for more template material you can use to complete your application form.

Sample Consent consent.doc

Course-based (for Instructors Only - can be graduate courses also) course.doc

Publicly Viewable List of Protocol Titles Cleared by SRECs Effective January 1, 2006, it is the policy of MREB to post a list of cleared protocols on the Research Ethics website. Posted information usually includes: Project Number, Title of Project: Names of Instructor/Supervisor, Department of Instructor/Supervisor, Student Name and Department,and Type of Project; (i.e. Undergraduate.) Researchers may request that the title of their project be eliminated from these data. In all cases this request will be honoured, but the researcher will be asked to provide a reason for making the request for the information of the Board.

McMaster University has established a number of Department/Student Research Ethics Committees (SRECs) for the review of course, individual and honours thesis research by undergraduate students. The following documents are the Terms of Reference for the existing Student Research Ethics Committees.

Anthropology/Religious Studies SREC
Geography/Health, Aging & Society SREC
Humanities SREC
Kinesiology SREC
Psychology, Behaviour & Neuroscience SREC
School of Business SREC
Sociology SREC