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Mosaic Update

Student Functions
November 13

In this note:

Many of you, either directly, or through your Faculty leadership, have expressed frustration with Mosaic.

We’re writing on behalf the Mosaic team to say that we’ve heard your concerns and we are working to address them. We acknowledge that the transition has been difficult and we want to thank you for your determination and continued hard work to support students since the launch of the Mosaic student system.

Student administration is the most complex system at any university, and as expected a significant number of technical and process issues have emerged. The issues are complex, resources are stretched and implementing solutions is taking longer than expected.

Despite these challenges, Mosaic is beginning to accomplish its goals and students are seeing significant service improvements for tasks such as course registration and transcripts. The Mosaic team is committed to resolving the outstanding issues so that staff who provide support functions also see benefits.

Again thank you for you perseverance and resilience as we work to provide McMaster with a more stable, reliable and capable student information system.

John Kearney, CIO
Melissa Pool, University Registrar

Next steps for the Mosaic team

To resolve the outstanding student administration issues, the Mosaic team will:

  • Add additional people to the team within Mosaic that supports student administration
  • Meet regularly with the Faculty Working Group and the Assistant Deans to discuss issues, solutions and priorities
  • Provide more regular communications to all staff who use Mosaic to support students

What you can do

One complaint we hear often is that system performance varies: it is okay one day then slow the next. If you encounter a slowdown please report it to the UTS Service Desk (x24357) with the time and specific details about what part of the system you were using. This information helps us identify problems.

In response to user reports, the Mosaic team is currently investigating the time required to generate the Student Record Print and the time to generate new queries with Query Manager with an intention to optimize these functions.

Current priorities

There are hundreds of tasks on our to-do list which are prioritized in consultation with the Assistant Deans and the Faculty Working Group. To keep you up-to-date, here are some of our current priorities:

  • Spring/Summer end of term Academic Review process (set of tasks that relate to academic reviewing)
  • Enhance the Student Record Report (set of improvements to enhance report usability, including Earned Units vs Credits to Degree)
  • Rework the process for Deferred Exams
  • Reviewing Online Grade submissions

Many of the outstanding issues are inter-related and progress will come in pulses rather than a steady stream over the next year.

Recently resolved

In the past week the Mosaic Team has fixed multiple issues, highlights include:

  • Students can now view their deferred exam schedules
  • Financial aid applications no longer return an error
  • Barcode now indicated on G01 acknowledgement email
  • Graduate students with tuition deductions from their pay now see those deductions appearing as credits on their student account balance



A full list of support contacts is available in Mosaic's Support tab. Further information is available in the Documentation tab

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