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Issue 2, November 7, 2014

It’s been nearly three weeks since McMaster launched its new HR system: thank you for your extra effort in training, learning and entering time into the new system. Your hard work and diligence have helped smooth the transition.

McMaster has now successfully completed a full pay cycle. This is a significant milestone in the implementation of the HR modules of Mosaic. Of course, this launch had its challenges, and we have all learned a lot through this process. With this in mind, the team has identified six tips to help you make the next pay cycle even smoother.

Work ahead

Similar to the previous system, McMaster's new system lets you report time worked throughout the period. Instead of retroactively entering two week’s worth of time on the Monday before a scheduled pay, give yourself extra time by entering data more frequently. If you encounter a situation you don’t know how to address, you’ll have more time to find the solution.

Dealing with less common time entry situations

The team has assembled guides for many of the less frequent time entry situations such as reporting flex time and entering time on the week of a statutory holiday for a temporary employee . You can access these guides in the “Time Management Additional Topics” course on the Mosaic Learning Hub.

Hierarchy changes

Please use the standard HR assignment and hierarchy change forms to request hierarchy changes. If a significant number of changes are required, contact your Human Resources Area Representative.

Payable Time Run of Hours Report

The Payable Time Run of Hours Report allows users to review time submitted via the Time Management Module. This report is available through Manager’s Self Service the morning after the reported time has been approved. Instructions for accessing the report are available. If you have questions about the information contained in your report contact your Human Resources Area Representative. Please note: this report does not include full-time salaried employees.

Time worked prior to October 12

Do not enter time in to Mosaic for hours worked before October 12. If you have employees who need to be paid for work completed before October 12, please contact your Human Resources Area Representative to obtain a paper Exception Time Sheet.

Exception Hourly: no need to enter or approve regular time

Exception Hourly employees only require time entry and approval for exceptions. Regular scheduled hours are automatically generated by the system and sent to payroll. If anything is entered on the employee’s time sheet it will completely replace the scheduled hours for the day in which the entry has been completed.
The only occasion something needs to be entered for an exception hourly employee (i.e. Unifor Unit 1) is if they are working anything different from their normally scheduled hours for that day.


The "Support" tab on the Mosaic portal is the first place to go for support information and can direct you to additional resources, including a list of local HR super users.

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