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Mosaic Update for Managers and Leaders

May 2014

Learning is a core part of McMaster’s mission and it’s a value that the Mosaic team has taken to heart as it charts a path for the next phases of the project. This issue will look at some of the lessons the project has learned and detail how it is moving forward.

Lessons Learned

Over the past month, we have conducted a number of feedback activities, including surveys, workshops and meetings both internal and external. Our goal in all these efforts is to identify ways we can improve upcoming Mosaic launches. While we are still digesting the feedback we received, we have already identified a number of areas we can improve. For the Human Resources and Student Administration phases, you can expect:

• More pre-launch testing

• More training opportunities in more formats

• Enhanced post-launch support

For example, one lesson the project learned through the launch of the finance modules was the importance of local experts. As a result, the super user program has been substantially changed and expanded. Mosaic has recruited more than 50 super users to support the HR launches and has started recruiting student administration super users. The project team is grateful for the many people who have and will be contributing to the project in this capacity.

A Lesson about Managers

One clear trend the project team has noted: staff who say their manager has discussed Mosaic with them have a better understanding of the project. As a manager, please engage your team in conversations about the project and help guide them through the transition. Your support makes a big difference.

Project Stream Updates


The finance team is making progress towards resolving the initial challenges that followed the December launch of that module. Notably, the team introduced the new “Statement of Operations” which replaces the previous AMO90 report. Instructions for accessing and using this report are available on the Mosaic portal. McMaster’s fiscal year ended April 30. Watch the Mosaic portal’s tips and news sections for important dates and guidance for completing fiscal year end processes in our new system.

Budgeting (Hyperion)

Mosaic will replace the current SAS/FM budgeting system with a new tool, Hyperion, which will integrate with both the PeopleSoft finance and human resources components. Hyperion will be introduced in three waves corresponding to the three most common budgeting tasks: variance reporting, five month reviews (Faculties only) and eight month reviews/next year budgeting (including Labour Planning). Training for variance reporting will begin after the current year-end process is complete. Current SAS/FM users will be contacted with further information in the coming months.

Research Pre-Awards

The Research Pre-Award system is near completion. Initially only staff in ROADS, MILO and FHS Research will use the system. Once those groups have gained experience with the system and any launch challenges have been resolved, a second phase of the project will expand the system to additional users.

Human Resources and Student Administration

Last month, the project unveiled McMaster’s new Person ID, which will replace both the existing student and employee numbers. (See the McMaster Daily News article for details.) This is the first of a series of articles that will introduce some of the concepts that will be introduced with the new HR and student systems. Look for more detailed updates about these portions of the project on the McMaster Daily News in the coming months.

New Way to Access Mosaic Information

We’ve been working to make it even easier to access Mosaic information. Recently, we added a new tab to the Mosaic portal, “Documentation.” Bringing all the finance information that is on the Mosaic Learning Hub into the Mosaic Portal, this tab contains interactive guides to many common Mosaic functions as well as training documentation. As well, we will continue to post Mosaic news and tips on the Portal. Finally, keep an eye on our Mosaic calendar, on the “Home” tab which list upcoming deadlines and events of interest to Mosaic users.

Tip: Travel and Expense Claims

Reimbursing travel and expense reports in a timely manner is important to McMaster. In many cases that is happening, but an analysis of claims that have not been paid within a month of submission reveal that the most common reason a claim gets delayed is when it is awaiting approval from the claimant themselves. If you encounter a situation where someone’s travel and expense claim seems “stuck” please follow-up. Have the person view their claim to determine whose review is still required. It may be the claimant. Claimants can check their worklist (Main Menu > Finance > Worklist >Worklist) for outstanding approval requests.

In a related vein, new instructions are now available explaining how to connect McMaster Diners Club Mastercard charges to expense reports using the “My Wallet” functionality on the Mosaic portal.

Build your Change Management Skills

The Mosaic Change Management team is available to help you and your staff through the transition to PeopleSoft. Some teams need more support than others. We are available to provide advice and assistance. To that end we are holding a number of three-hour workshops that will focus on best practices in Change Management, the role of today's change leader, and the ADKAR Change Model. TMG leaders are invited to register to attend one of these workshops, as offered on the following dates:

• Tuesday, June 3 from 9 a.m. - noon BSB 104

• Tuesday, June 10 from 9 a.m. - noon BSB 104

• Tuesday, June 17 from 9 a.m. - noon BSB 104

• Tuesday, June 24 from 9 a.m. - noon BSB 104

Participants must pre-register for these workshops.

These sessions will be facilitated by Paul Short, Human Resources Services Director of Change Management at McMaster. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in change leadership. Questions about change leadership? You can connect with Paul at


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