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Managers' Mosaic Update

March 2014

It was a longer and colder winter than we had hoped for, but signs of spring are emerging. Nowhere is that more evident than with Mosaic and with your help we can encourage spring along. This issue will highlight several steps managers can take to help their teams complete this first Mosaic transition.

In this issue:

Project status

Mosaic released a detailed status update on March 18 which summarized some of the most common challenges to-date and provided end users with steps they can take to mitigate or resolve them. Since then, we have also made a substantive change to the way travel and expense reports are reviewed. This change gives claimants more flexibility and will particularly benefit those individuals with multiple appointments and graduate students for whom the previous automatic routings were problematic.

Looking ahead, a substantial portion of the initial challenges with Mosaic are resolved and a few more important issues are on track to be fixed in the next few weeks. Notably, replacements for the AM090 and AMO91 (to be called 'Statement of Operations') for non-research funds are scheduled to be released. Meanwhile, the Human Resources portion of Mosaic is entering a testing phase. The HR team is also meeting with representative users to better understand the impact of the new system on different parts of the University.

TMG input on Mosaic

At the February 13 TMG forum, attendees were asked three questions:

  • What did you find most helpful through the launch process?
  • What assistance or resources do you still need?
  • What would you recommend we do to further assist managers during the next phase?

Thank you for your bountiful responses. TMG members provided thoughtful and helpful comments and the project team is using those to inform its plans for the next phases of the project. For example, there were clear and repeated requests for more super users to be spread out across the University. In response, the project team has recruited approximately 50 super users from departments and units outside Human Resources to receive advance training and provide local support during the October launch of the first Human Resources phase. Training and orientation activities are beginning for both super users and the Human Resources departments. There were many other suggestions that will be pursued (including continuing this newsletter).

Check your staff's roles in Mosaic

One common request from managers over the last few months has been a method for checking what permissions their staff have in Mosaic. In response, the project team has released a simple tool that does that. The "System Role Review" located in the "My Work" tab lets you search for a user's permissions by their MAC ID name.

Explaining delayed payments to suppliers

At the risk of contradicting the headline, an overwhelming majority of payments are getting made and the backlog of outstanding vouchers has shrunk considerably; however, you may still need to explain why a payment is late to a supplier. Explaining this can be uncomfortable. If you are struggling to find the appropriate words, consider this template.

Password security matters

Please reinforce with your staff that passwords should NEVER be shared. There have been a few cases of people sharing MAC IDs and passwords so that someone can perform tasks on another person's behalf. This is NEVER appropriate. There are other ways of sharing work in the system depending on what tasks need to be accomplished. Refer to our guide to delegation or contact if you need guidance. In the meantime, please send a firm message that staff should not be using the MAC IDs of other staff, students, managers or faculty members.

Four steps to help guide your staff

Transitions take different amounts of time for different people. If some of your staff are still facing frustrations, these actions can help reduce their stress level:

  • Acknowledge their reality. Let the staff members know that you have heard them, empathize with the challenges that they are facing, and convey that the University is working to resolve the challenges.
  • Meet face-to-face with staff members in order to provide a clear and honest assessment of the situation. Explain what steps are being taken to address the issue, and when the problem is expected to be resolved.
  • Help staff regain control over their situation. If there is a particular stumbling block, contact the Mosaic team ( to find about interim and long-term solutions.
  • Encourage patience and maintain the positive. Things are starting to speed up. For example, we have seen ordinary purchase requisitions get reviewed, approved and dispatched on the same day they were submitted. This is faster than was possible with our previous system.


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