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Managers' Mosaic Update

January 2013

To the members of TMG:

Mosaic, McMaster's program to modernize its business processes and replace its current business systems with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, is proceeding quickly. In this month's newsletter:

We couldn't do it without you

The very first thing the Mosaic team wants to say this month is, "Thank You!" The team appreciates the help and support that groups across McMaster have provided over the past few months as we have worked through the Fit-Gap stage. We have held about 160 workshop sessions so far (just a dozen or so left), and we've had approximately 300 different people participate in those workshops. Some came for one or two and a few have been to dozens of workshops. We recognize that by attending the sessions, Fit-Gap participants have been absent from their home department, and this has been a strain on many units at the University. We thank staff in those departments for keeping things running while their colleagues are helping us with this project. The hard work and contributions of Fit-Gap participants are helping to set Mosaic on a solid foundation.

State of the project

Mosaic is approaching the home stretch of the Fit-Gap stage. The workshops will be finished by mid-February. In response to issues raised during earlier workshops, a few additional Fit-Gap workshops have been added to the schedule. Once these are complete, we will hold several events to show the McMaster community the results of the Fit-Gap stage. Stay tuned for announcements next month.

Undoubtedly, you are wondering how things are going. Overall, we have accomplished our objective of identifying fits and gaps between McMaster's needs and the PeopleSoft ERP software. As expected, the process has revealed gaps both narrow and wide. In some areas, such as finance, the PeopleSoft software is fairly aligned to McMaster's requirements. In other, more complex areas, such as student administration, there are more gaps and that team will need correspondingly more time to examine solutions. These differences are great examples of how the Fit-Gap process is helping us identify where the challenges are as we establish a schedule and enter the Design and Build stage.

Of course the Fit-Gap is just the first leg of a journey that will span more than two years. As we head into the Design and Build stage, the team wants to reassure the McMaster community that there will be additional opportunities for involvement and input; however, the team doesn't anticipate that it will require nearly as much time as was requested for workshops during the Fit-Gap stage.

How will Mosaic affect your computer applications?

Now is the time to check.

The Mosaic technical team needs your help. It is working to inventory all the computer applications at McMaster that might interact with Mosaic or the legacy systems that will be replaced by Mosaic. The technical team has a list of more than 150 applications already identified. It doesn't want to miss anything, so it is posting the list and asking TMG members to review it. If you have an application that your area uses to perform an administrative or business function, please make sure it is on this list. Of particular interest is any application that relies on student or employee numbers, account codes, accesses the University Person database, accesses the finance, HR, or student information systems, or has data that will need to be transferred into the new system. It is better to be cautious now rather than discover in 18 months that your application no longer works.

If you have an application that should be on this list contact technical team lead Kevin de Kock (ext. 21804).

Website update

Mosaic recently expanded its website. You'll find a summary of the project, background information, lists of team and committee members, upcoming events and more. Check it out at:

Let's get together

Members of the Mosaic team have been visiting groups across campus to explain the project, answer questions and gather feedback. From the library to the oncology department, we've met some inquisitive folk, explained the project and answered questions. We'd be glad to meet with your group too. Send us an email with a proposed time, place and group:

Pass It On

One of our goals is keep people across the University informed about Mosaic. We encourage you to share the information from this newsletter with your team. Let us know if we can help answer any questions you receive about the project.


For additional information contact:

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