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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Finance


Can you explain delegation. It seems there are several kinds.

There are three different types of delegation. Please refer to "Understanding Delegation in PeopleSoft at McMaster" for more information.

How do you process a non-PO  voucher that is tax exempt?

Change the VAT by clicking on the "Invoice VAT Line" found in the middle of the screen on the right hand side.  Then select "'Expand All Sections" for the page (found at the top of the screen) and change "taxable" to "exempt" Go back to the top of the screen and click on the "Go to Invoice Line" and select "Adjust Affected VAT Defaults."   When the message appears, select "YES."

I'm trying to pay the department's Bell bill with a non-PO voucher, but Bell is listed several times. Which one should I chose?

Match the address on your invoice against the address on the Bell suppliers. Use the Bell entry which has a matching address.

Bell Canada:  Short Name = BELL CANAD-001, Supplier ID = 0000000304
PO Box 9000
North York ON  M3C 2X7

Bell Canada:  Short Name =  BELL CANAD-002, Supplier ID = 0000000305
PO Box 3650, Station Don Mills
Toronto ON  M3C 3X9

Bell Mobility:  Short Name = BELL MOBILI-001, Supplier ID = 0000005178
PO Box 5102
Burlington ON  L7R 4R7

I'm trying to approve a voucher but when I click approve nothing happens. What should I do?

There are two levels of approval on a non-PO voucher, line and header level.  Department, Program and Project (PI or delegate) manager approval is at the line level on a voucher. You need to approve the "line" first. Go to the "Line Information" tab at the top. On that tab look for "Approve" to the right of the line.

I'm trying to pay a voucher from an operating fund but I'm getting an error asking for the project and project activity, which should not be required for an operating fund.

Ensure the "PC Bus Unit" field is empty

How do I look at a voucher that I have already submitted (for example to see the workflow/ approvals)?

Navigate to "Add/Update a Voucher."  Select the "Find an Existing Voucher" tab. Enter the "Voucher ID' and select "Search."  On the summary page of the voucher there is a link to Approval History.  Follow that link to see the workflow.

Can an approver/reviewer be inserted by the initiator?  Is it possible to have someone review their entry before it goes to approval.

You cannot insert someone before it is submitted for approval.  Once it is submitted for approval you can add additional approvers.  However, you can use the "Notify" button at the bottom of the page to ask someone to review the entry. The system will send the intended pre-reviewer an email with a link to the entry.

My balances don't seem to be correct. What's going on?

Balances from McMaster's legacy systems will not be completely converted to PeopleSoft until December 12, 2013. Until then, please use the legacy Oracle and FAS systems for reference and do not rely on the interim converted balances in PeopleSoft.

How do I create or update a chartfield value (the equivalent of adding an account in the legacy system?

Use the Create Update Chartfield Value form to make this request. Further instructions are included with the form.

When I input my legacy research account number, I don't see the project or activity field?

Assuming you are using the "Chart of Accounts Lookup" tool ( second item in the left-hand column on the "Home" tab),  you would have to click on the "Project Costing" tab to see the project and activity portion of your chartfield string. It is circled in red in this screen shot. Alternatively, you can see the entire string if you click on the button next to the project costing tab which is also in the red circle.

screen shot with project tab

Could I get a list of legacy sub-codes mapped to PeopleSoft account codes?

To help you transition to the new system, the project team has prepared a spreadsheet to map legacy sub-codes to PeopleSoft account codes. A guide to the new chartfield string is also available

What is the new process for PDA and MPDA?

There will be an interim process for PDA/MPDA until the human resources portion of PeopleSoft launches in July 2014. Balances, available by employee, will be tracked in the general ledger through "open items" using employee numbers.  Any charges to MPDA/PDA must include an employee number in the chartfield string. Further information is available in a presentation and an explanatory document.

How do I get a chartfield string for my PDA legacy account number?

There is a straight forward translation tool to convert any legacy account number to the new chartfield string; however, a PDA requires an extra step.

How to find your new PDA chartfield string:

  1. login to the Mosaic portal at with your MAC ID and password
  2. in the left hand column on the "Home" page select the "Chart of Accounts Lookup" item
  3. enter your current PDA account in the legacy boxes and select "Search"
  4. take the new Chartfield string that is provided (i.e. fund, account, department and program) and add two zeros "00" plus your employee ID number

You can use this chartfield string for purchases from the campus store and scientific stores. Please note, this is an interim process until next July, when the human resources portion of Mosaic launches and introduces the final PDA management tool.

PDA mapping graphic

Can I delegate entry for my expense claims to someone else?

Yes, a step-by-step guide is available.

In PeopleSoft, can we itemize what was purchased when we do a journal entry?

Yes, there is ample space in the description field available for each journal you create, in addition to a description field that is available for each journal line. Also, you can attach documents to each journal entry.

How does PeopleSoft provide notifications during the payment request approval process? 

The status of items that are in the approval workflow process can be looked up in the system. The system will also send emails to people at various stages, such as final approval. Email notifications are a functional feature of PeopleSoft.

In PeopleSoft, are there restrictions on editing a payment request that was created by another person?

Once an expense report has been submitted for approval the system does not allow for edits. If the report or voucher requires editing it must be “Sent Back” to the preparer.

What happens to PeopleSoft tasks if someone is away on vacation? Should someone else sign in under his or her user name/password if needed?

Under no circumstances should people share user names and passwords. There is a delegate function that allows individuals to designate someone to handle approvals for them during absences such as vacations. Refer to Understanding Delegation in PeopleSoft at McMaster for more information.