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Stakeholder Meeting Questions

IT Services Review
User Stakeholder Feedback

Thank you for participating in the IT Services Review stakeholder feedback process.  The IT Services Review has a very broad scope and is looking at all IT services delivered across the University with a view to identifying gaps in service delivery, improvements to current service delivery and opportunities for synergies or streamlining services.   

Please answer each of the questions below to the best of your capability.  If you do not have feedback on a specific question, please leave the question blank. In your responses, please take an expansive view of IT services. The Committee is interested in all facets for IT from fibre optics to Wi-Fi, from telephone service to operating systems, from websites to mobile applications. You are encouraged to think and comment broadly.

University Faculty and/or Department:

  1. Who do you receive IT services from and what are the services that you receive?
  2. What are the highest priority IT services required in your area?
  3. Do you believe IT services are effectively organized to support the University¹s priorities/goals?  Do you feel they are appropriately resourced and funded?
  4. Are there specific IT services that you feel are required that are not being offered by the University?  How would adding these service assist the University in meeting its core mission of delivering the highest quality teaching, learning and research environments?
  5. Are there IT services provided that are relevant to you but you choose not to utilize? Please provide the rationale for not using these services.
  6. Are there Units/Faculties that appear to be providing the same or similar IT services?  Are you aware of the rationale for having these units provide the same or similar services (for example, resource issues, unable to fill the need elsewhere, lack of alignment or collaboration)?  Do you feel there are opportunities for synergies or streamlining of services currently offered?
  7. Are there IT services being provided that do not seem necessary or are redundant? Fax machines are an example of a technology that is fading into irrelevance. What are two technologies you think will fade next?
  8. How do you believe IT services are best delivered in a complex university?  To what level do you believe services need to be provided locally in faculties/departments vs. centrally?
  9. Do you feel you have a voice in the planning and implementation of IT at McMaster?
  10. Would you describe McMaster's IT services as leading edge or lagging edge? How do you feel this situation evolved?  
  11. Are there specific strategies in your Department/Faculty that will require new or different technologies or IT services in the future or require a change in the way IT services are delivered?
  12. Are there best practice models that you feel should be considered and/or do you know of institutions that are successful in their IT service delivery?  What improvements for delivering IT services could be made at the University?
  13. Do you have any other information or feedback that you would like to share?