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"Homeopathic Interferon as Hepatoprotector in Rats with   Experimental Hepatitis. Anatomical and Pathological Study"

Fernandez, R: Head Research Dept. Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center, Havana, Cuba
Quintero, M: Gastroenterology Specialist, Gastroenterology Institute, Havana, Cuba
Rego, R: Pathologist, Gastroenterology Institue, Havana, Cuba
Rodriguez, A: Scientific Information, Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center, Havana, Cuba
Portuondo, C: Medical Informatics, Pharmacoepidemiology Development

Contact Person: R. Fernández (cdf@infomed.sld.cu)


A  preclinic prospective study was performed with Interferon alpha 2b recombinant, prepared with homeopathic pharmaceutical techniques in 10 – 4 U/ml concentrations (6CH), 10-22 U/ ml (15 CH) and 10-52 U/ml (30 CH) applied to rats with experimental hepatitis provoked by C14 intoxication. 120 rats were used, and within them 5 groups, 24 rats each, administering 0,25 ml of the following substances to each group:

Group I : water, Group II: hidroalcoholic solution 30 % at 30 CH; Group II, IFN 6 CH; Group IV: IFN 15 CH and Group V: IFN 30 CH, by mouth t.i.d for 5 days. In the third day of the study, 3ml/kg weight of a mixture of C14 C-olive oil, was given as hepatotoxic agent. Two days after all rats were sacrificed and liver extracted for pathology studies. For the assessment of morphological damage the following features were searched: microvascular esteatosis, macrovacuolar necrosis, and necrosis, which were classified I to II according to intensity of damage. When tissue damage was assessed, the micro and macrovascular esteatosis had no significative differences between them. As to necrosis referred, the IFN 30 CH group had less severe damage, and there was significative difference (p<0.001) between IFN group and water group, leading us to conclude that in this model, homeopathic dynamized dilution 30Ch of interferon had hepatoprotector effect over C14 C.


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: interferon,homeopatic drug,hepatoprotector,dynamization

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