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"Drug utilization Study related to Antibiotics in Primary Health  Care"

J. A. Furones (Head Continued Medical Ed.) Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center.Havana CUBA

M. Cires (Head Scientific Information Dept.) Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center. Havana CUBA

R. Sequerella (Pharmacoepidemiologist Primary Health Care) Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center.Havana CUBA.

L. Broche (Pharmacoepidemiologist Primary Health Care) Havana CUBA

C. Portuondo. Medical Informatics.(Pharmacoepidemiology Development Center.) Havana CUBA

G. Lauzerique. Pharmacis, Head Analysis Group. Havana CUBA.

Contact Person: J. A. Furones (cdf@infomed.sld.cu)


With the purpose of analysing the diagnosis which frequently lead physicians to use antibiotics in Primary Health care, a drug utilization study was performed as well as a prescription analysis in three municipalities of Havana city. The data were collected from medical prescriptions ordering antibiotics. The study was performed during 15 days on February 1998 in the pharmacy with highest number of prescribers in each municipality, the main pharmacy and the policlinic. A reference pattern was developed to assess the adequacy of the prescription, according to availability. It was found that 14,1% of the total prescriptions received were antibiotics, being the most frequent diagnosis urinary tract infections(17,9),pharyngitis and tonsillitis (16,8%), tooth abscess(8,8%),acute respiratory infection (4,9%) and without diagnosis (17,3%). The most frequently prescribed antibiotics were trimethoprin-sulfamethoxazole (32,5%), tetracyclines (27,5%) and procainic penicillin.


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Poster Number PAfurones0821
Keywords: antibiotics, drug utilization, prescriptions,primary care

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