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The Role Of Trabeculectomy In The Treatment Of Glaucoma. Predicting the Need For Surgical Intervention

Szigeti, Zoltán: Saint John Hospital, Budapest, Hungary
Reichard, Lilla: Saint John Hospital, Budapest, Hungary
Contact Person:
Dr. Zoltán Szigeti
Saint John Hospital
Diosarok u. 1.
H1125 Budapest
The 169 trabeculectomies performed between 1995-1997 have been studied. 142 cases were followed over one year. The surgeon and the method of the trabeculectomies were the same for all cases. There were 126 POAG and 16 PACG glaucomas. The patients were classified into 3 groups based on the visual field defect: minimal (24 patients), medium (46) and serious (72). After a one year follow up, the IOPs were controlled in 100%, 84% and 72% respectively.
Based on a retrospective study, the authors devised a 'scoring system'. By this scoring system, the need for surgical intervention may be determined with great certainty at the moment of the diagnosis of the glaucoma. The use of this method facilitates an early decision taking for surgical intervention with maximal results, at the time of still minimal functional damage.
trabeculectomy,first treatment,scoring system

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