Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Therapy

IOL calculation difficulties ... by Haigis W, et al.

Jost B Jonas

Dear Dr. Haigis,
congratulations for your study. May I ask you:
1) A patient with nanophthalmos undergoes cataract operation with IOL implantation into the bag, combined with planned posterior capsulorhexis and transpupillary vitrectomy to reduce the volume of intraocular tissue. How does the increased depth of the anterior chamber in this nanophthalmos eyes compared to an emmetropic eye influence the postoperative refractoice power of the eye ?
2) Based on your large database of normal(unselected) subjects, what may be the limits of nanophthalmos if nanophthalmos is defined as an eye with an axial length shorter than the mean minus twofold strandard deviations ?
3) What are the implications of your study for cataract surgery in infants with a temporarily short globe ?
Kind regards
Jost Jonas
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