Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Therapy

Nemeth J, et al.: Accuracy of orbital color Doppler Fflow ....

Jost B Jonas

Dear Professor Nemeth,
congratulations for your study. I would like to ask you:
1) What was the experience of the examiner. i.e. how many examinations had he performed before start of the study ?
2) On which factors did the measured values depend, such as arterial blood pressure, posture, gender, refractive error, axial length, day time, intake of coffein or alcohol, actual IOP, or previous exercise such as walking up of stairs ? To get repeatable measurements in clinical practice, it may be important to know the dependence of measured values on these external factors.
3) What was the reproducibility in the normal subjects ?
4) How big was the inter-eye difference in your study population ?
Kind regards
Jost Jonas
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