Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Therapy

Re: Use of ultrasound contrast agent to ... by Pavlin CJ, et al.

C. Pavlin

On Tue Dec 15, Jost B Jonas wrote
>Dear Dr.Pavlin,
>congratulations for your very interesting study. May I ask you:
>1) Is there any possibility to use your technique for in-vivo detection of structures in the vitreous body such as macular-vitreal bands ?
>2) Did you find a "bursa prämacularis" as described by Worst ?
>3) Were there any special relationships between the fovea and the perifoveal vitreous body ?
>4) What may have been the influence of autoloytic changes in your study material ?
>Yours sincerely
>Jost Jonas

Dear Jost
1) Intraocular use has never been done and would be a problem regarding clearance from the eye re glaucoma.  Maybe this could be tried in animals first.
2)and 3)  The eyes in which we did vitreous experimentation had detached vitreous
4) There was no disruption of the vitreous face.  I couldn't answer as to whether intravitreal transport may have been enhanced.  It is certainly possible. I was surprised by the ease of motion of contrast through the vitreous Gel.  Thankyou for pointing this out.

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