Pineal and its Hormone Melatonin

Re^2: SCN cells capable of c-Fos photoinduction


On Mon Dec 14, Alena Sumova wrote
>Dear Dr. Pang,
>     thank you for your questions. Using the standard immunocytochemistry, we can only distinguish cells producing c-Fos protein as dark dots above the background staining. This tells us how many cells in a section respond by production of c-Fos protein as a function of time. The other population of cells - non responding to light - would need to be visualized by any of the commonly used counterstaining methods and counted in addition to the ICC stained cells.

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>                                                     Alena Sumova
Dear Dr. Sumova,

Thanks for the information. Are the % of cells responding to linght/cells not responding to light at different times of the day have not been determined?

SF Pang

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