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Re^3: SCN cells capable of c-Fos photoinduction

Alena Sumova

On Mon Dec 14, SF PANG wrote
>On Mon Dec 14, Alena Sumova wrote
>>Dear Dr. Pang,
>>     thank you for your questions. Using the standard immunocytochemistry, we can only distinguish cells producing c-Fos protein as dark dots above the background staining. This tells us how many cells in a section respond by production of c-Fos protein as a function of time. The other population of cells - non responding to light - would need to be visualized by any of the commonly used counterstaining methods and counted in addition to the ICC stained cells.

>>                                      All the best,

>>                                                     Alena Sumova
>Dear Dr. Sumova,

>Thanks for the information. Are the % of cells responding to linght/cells not responding to light at different times of the day have not been determined?

>SF Pang

Dear Dr. Pang,

    In our study number of non-responding cells have not been determined. From our data, we can only determine gradual increase in the number of cells responding to the light at the beginning of darkness.


                                                Alena Sumova

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