Medicine Poster Session

0703, Antioxidants and senile dementia

Monica Williams-Murphy

Ramponi, Anelli, and Maffi-

I applaud your effort to determine the potential therapeutic use of anti-oxidants in degenerative brain pathologies. This pilot study is timely in light of similar research in previous years and you are no doubt laying the foundation for a new and fertile direction in neuro-research in regards to the biochemical foundations of nutrition and vitamin therapy. Only in the past decade has the reigning medical paradigm in the USA begun to give real credence to the nutritional aspects of disease and i beleive that work such as yours is seminal in refocusing our vision of medicine and its relationship with nutrition.  My question for you is this: Why did you select Nolder as your therapuetic product and how many international units of each vitamin does the product contain? Secondly, what are your future directions for research in this area?

Thanks and enjoy the forum!
Monica Williams-Murphy, co chair

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